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Jeep XJ Transmission Cooler Line Ugrade

Converting Jeep Cherokee transmission cooler lines to flexible stainless steel

KLX250S Performance Mods and Basic Upgrades

Upgrading a 2006 KLX205s for dual sport adventures

Code Talk: Broken Computers, Booting new computers, Digital photo storage, Tin foil hats

I'm a guest on Code Talk, and we discussed topics ranging from broken computers and how to set up a new (or old) machine, digital backups, and the we get a little paranoid about who's listening.

Jeep XJ Brown Dog Motor Mounts Installation Notes

Replacing tired OEM motor mounts for improved rubber bushings

Jeep XJ 62mm Throttle Body Upgrade

Getting better throttle response with a DW Designs 62mm throttle body

Jeep XJ Overhead Console Compass Calibration

Finding your true north in a Jeep Cherokee

Jeep XJ Tire Carrier License Plate

Adding wiring for a license plate light on a tire carrier

Beginning Mountain Biking in 2019

Bike selection and gear for a novice rider

Jeep XJ Rear Quarter Panel Patching

Removing the rear trim and patching the holes left behind

The Legend of the Aged Shredder

A lesson of living well and growing old