Open Source Projects from Craig Davis and Friends
Subcultured: Interesting Articles and Long Form Content
This is an experiment in aggregated content as a side effect of "read it later" apps. It's got a small collection of interesting contributors.
Unique Gifts for Teachers
My mother is a teacher with 32 cheese knives from gifts. Something had to be done.
Gifts for Medics
Amazon affliate site with durable and practical gifts for Paramedics and EMTs
Command of the Day
Useful Linux commands served up in bite sized examples
Gifts for Woodworkers
A collection of interesting and unique gifts for woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts
Slim Framework Unit Testing Example
Integration testing a Slim PHP site with PHP Unit and without a webserver
Markdown Resume Builder
Build your resume with simple Markdown tools. What started as an experiment in CSS and print styles turned into something useful!
jQuery Animated Border
A simple callout for any block level element
FogBugz Command Line Client
A complete terminal interface to FogBugz. Leave notes, view cases, assign, manage your working-on status without leaving the terminal.
TermCamp, a Campfire command line client
A node experiment with a nicely functional terminal client