I feel like the YouTube algorithm is delivering worse recommendations than it used to. I’ve recommended these channels privately before - so here’s a list of makers that I think are worth watching!


  • @PaskMakes - multitalented fellow with enormous patient for more complex projects. Has been wonderful to see his skills grow over the years
  • @Foureyes.Furniture - hipster furniture making
  • @ISHITANIFURNITURE - japanese furniture making
  • @YoungJe - he builds beautiful tools and hand planes
  • @SteveRamsey - approachable furniture making
  • @shaunboydmadethis - modern furniture
  • @JayBates - woodworking and now, homebuilding
  • @StumpyNubs - a sort of weekly woodworking magazine?
  • @buildshow - a professional homebuilder with interesting content
  • @StudPack - their new garage/house build has been setting a new level for YT builders


  • @BadObsessionMotorsport - Project Binky is so elaborate and overdone, and wonderful. I have lots of opinions about this build. Quite funny at times with their british humor
  • @Moonfleet41 - a motorcycle builder that occasionally makes his own parts in a very small shop
  • @SalvagetoSavage - more car building, with some electric conversions and style
  • @npvg - Building an AWD Ford Mustang
  • @FanatikBuilds - Building a pro touring GT6R restomod