TermCamp is a new command line client for 37 Signals Campfire Chat. It’s written for node, and looks like this:

Sample TermCamp

It’s got a nice collection of features that make it a remarkably complete client:

  • Bell alerts for name mentions
  • Formatting for all Campfire message types (Even tweets!)
  • Name colorization (optional)
  • Enter and exit notifications

I’ve used it as my primary client by keeping it in a tmux pane, and it’s performed well. Unfortunately, it’s missing a few things. The urls for pasted images are still missing, and you can’t paste text. It’s a little better for listening to a room than for pasting and long conversations. But, we use Hubot and Kiln bots for relaying messages, and this terminal client is perfect for that use case.

You can clone or fork the project on GitHub.