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Jeep XJ Illuminated Extended Idle Switch

Making a look alike ext idle switch with a fog light switch and a relay

Jeep XJ Fog Light Wiring with OEM Rocker Switches

A five switch panel with new old stock switches and working backlighting

Jeep XJ Teraflex Disc Brake Conversion

Converting from drum brakes to modern disc brakes

My Adventure Toolkit for my Yamaha WR250R

This is my everyday carry toolkit for my dual sport motorcycle. This is a compact toolkit for a WR250R.

Code Talk: Source Control as Conversation

What does your commit history look like? Does it tell a story? Do you look back and wonder what a commit did? We talk about this in a great podcast.

Photos from Barcelona

Sightseeing in Catalonia, days before the historic vote

Trinity Test Site

The historic location in New Mexico where they detonated the first atomic bomb

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

The Pueblos are an impressive display of engineering in the Southwest from 850 to 1250 AD.

HS100 Home Automation Menu Bar App

Writing a home automation menu bar app with Python and Rumps

My Favorite Margarita Recipe for a Backyard Barbecue

Summertime in New Mexico isn't complete without a pitcher of Margaritas